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Where Can I Find Support As A Relative Caregiver?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Have you become a caregiver for relative children? Taking on this new role can be challenging when you do not have resources and support when it comes to taking on the caregiver role. Whether you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling caring for relative children and having a community of support is essential to the experience for you and the child!

How Kinship Caregivers Can Find Support

Relatives as Parents of The Eastern Panhandle offers support, resources, education and respite activities for relative caregivers and their families. RAPP of the Eastern Panhandle offers support groups that can be essential to experience as a relative caregiver! Get the support you need when you attend RAPP meetings in Jefferson County and Berkeley County, West Virginia.

Our meetings include a community of Relatives as Parents just like you who understand your questions, struggles, insecurities and worries. Our meetings give you the opportunity to meet other families, share your experiences, learn and grow!

Support Group Activities For Kinship Caregivers

Get Support and Enjoy Respite Activities With Your Family!

Connect with your family and other Relative caregiver families when you attend RAPP of the Eastern panhandle events! We have a great time with fun activities, building friendships and receiving the lasting support we need to be the best caregiver we can for our families. Please consider joining us! Learn more about attending meetings and events.

The Relatives as Parents Program of the Panhandle is providing support for grandparent raising grandchildren and other relative caregivers in Jefferson County, Berkeley County and Morgan County, West Virginia.


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