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How RAPP of The Eastern Panhandle is Bringing Kinship Caregivers Together For Support and Resources

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Everyone has a story about how they became a kinship caregiver. Share your story, challenges and accomplishments as a relative caregiver with a local support group. Relatives as Parents (RAPP) of the Eastern Panhandle. Relatives as Parents of the Eastern Panhandle provides support for grandparents raising grandchildren and other relative caregivers.

Our organization is bringing kinship families in the Eastern Panhandle together to help provide support, resources, education and more. Under Annie Otto's leadership, RAPP of the Eastern Panhandle has served more than 200 relative caregivers since 1994.

RAPP of the Eastern Panhandle provides families with the resources they need to provide the best care for their relative children. Our resources. support sessions, workshops and activities bring families together to share their experience and offer support to each other.

We have the best time at our monthly support meetings and would love it you would join us! Get this support you need as a kinship caregiver today.



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