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Relatives as Parents (RAPP) of The Panhandle-Monthly Support Meetings For Kinship Caregivers

Relatives as Parents (RAPP) of the panhandle offers monthly support meetings, activities and more for families. Our program works with grandparents raising relative children and other kinship caregivers in the eastern panhandle.

Starting in October, Kinship Caregivers and their families can join us at Calvary United Methodist Church in Martinsburg, WV the second Friday of each month at 6pm for monthly support meetings.

What Can I Expect When I Attend RAPP Monthly Support Meetings ?

Our support meetings are an opportunity for kinship caregivers to receive the support and resources they need by connecting with other families. Our support meetings provide kinship caregivers with a sense of community. Our experienced facilitators and our caring families are all here to help you with support, resources and more as you navigate your journey as a kinship caregiver. Join us for a meeting!

Does The Relatives As Parents Program Provide Support For Children Being Raised by Relatives?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage grandparents and other kinship caregivers to bring their children to monthly support meetings and events. RAPP often host fun family activities and events for families. We encourage families to spend this fun time together as well as connect with other kinship caregiver families in our community. Each month we aim to include activities, events, support and more for children being raised by relatives.

How Can I Get The Support I Need Outside Of RAPP Monthly Meetings?

We are always available to speak with you and offer you the support you need as a kinship caregiver. We encourage you to join our Facebook Group where we check in with families regularly and keep you up to date on upcoming meetings, events and activities. You can also submit a contact form through our website and we will reach out to you through phone call or email. We have a community that consistently works together to provide support for you and other kinship caregivers!

How Do I Volunteer or Become A Part of The Relatives as Parents Program of the Panhandle?

We always welcome volunteers to help with events and monthly support meetings! Fill out our Volunteer Form> and we will reach out to you regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved with our program.



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